4 Fantastic WordPress Form Plugins

4 Fantastic WordPress Form Plugins 1

Upon building a WordPress website, the next thing to do is to make and display quality content. One of the reasons for increased traffic is great content. You need to then convert this traffic of visitors to customers. In ecommerce, it is important to collect your visitors’ data.

You can collect this information using Forms. It is an easy way of getting to know your customers’ tastes.

Today, let’s have a look at the four great WordPress form builder plugins.


This is a drag & drop WordPress form builder. You can use it very easily. It is an excellent performer. WPForms lets you create different form types like the ones listed below:

  • Subscription forms
  • Contact forms
  • Forms for Feedback
  • Payment forms & any type of form you would need for your webpage

WPForms aim to give you a lovely user-friendly experience. They have a lot of pre-built workflow and form templates that make beginners love it.

WPForms have a five-minute guide to help you create the first form. This walkthrough guide lets you directly add the form to your website’s page. Most known page builders of WP like WP Block Editor offers impeccable amalgamation into WPForms.

These forms are completely optimized and can be used on any device. Hence, these forms can look good not only on mobile but can also look good on a laptop, desktop, and tablet. The optimization of the forms is done in a manner that helps in enhancing the server and web performance. A lot of importance is given to SEOs, marketing speed, and a high conversation rate. The WPForms is really fast.

Let’s understand why WPForms are preferred by many people over other options available.

Key Features

Form – Drag & Drop Content

WPForms adjust to their user’s workflow. They help in having custom forms created within few minutes. Using the drag & drop form builder, a user can add easily customized fields to their form. They can also rearrange it if need be. One barely needs 5 minutes to create the contact form.

Pre-built Form Templates

If you have tried making contact forms ever using WordPress, you will know that it takes a good amount of time. Many of the plugins of WordPress help in building form right from the start. They do not offer sample forms or pre-designed templates to work and build on.

There is an in-built forms template provided by WPForms. This template of forms has the contact form, payment form, donation form, registration & subscription form, and request for quote form.

These templates help in making form building an easy process. It saves your time, and time is precious. Also, addition or deletion or even rearrangement of fields is possible to suit your needs.

SEO, Mobile Friendly & Speed Optimization

The contact forms of WPForms are totally optimized by default to be used on different mobile devices. Even the front-end queries and queries of the back-end are extremely optimized. This ensures maximum speed. Also, your form can be embedded on different web pages using a description and title.

Polls & Surveys

You can create surveys and polls using WPForms. The add-on survey plugin comes along with special fields of a survey like questions with multiple-choice, star ratings, and so on. Good survey reports are offered by it.

You can customize these reports in graph formats. You can also use them in your PowerPoint presentations. Your users can be shown the results of the survey. Surveys and polls can be planted into any page or post in WP.


Few default forms for WordPress can be also created using WPForms, just as how a simple contact form can be built. A form to log in and a user registration will be needed by membership sites. Both these forms can be created easily using WPForms.

WPForms can also help in the creation of contact forms that are password-protected or a contact form for members only, i.e., for registered users on that site only. An online RSVP form can also be created for your site.

Bloggers can accept post submission forms to accept their guests’ posts too. The testimonial contact form could also be utilized for collecting testimonials. For business expansion, the partnership agreement form could be used.

Donation, Payment, Booking Form

WPForms is a one-stop for customized contact forms like payment, donation, registration, online booking form, product purchase, etc.

It is amalgamated with two of the most commonly used payment platforms, Stripe and PayPal. Thus, making a form for accepting debit and credit card payments from your customers on your site becomes very easy.

If you use the SSL directly, use the Stripe payment form in order to accept card payments. In the same way, you could use the PayPal payment form to make donations or accept online payments.

At times the contact form may require a signature. This problem is solved by WPForms as it allows the signature field to be added in the contact form. You can easily collect the signatures of your users. Also, you could custom make signature forms.

Extremely Optimized Forms

When you look at Google forms, they look simple and very easy, right? These are used by many for different reasons. Some use it to collect data from their customers, while others use it to increase their website’s traffic, while few others use it for increasing their site’s conversion rates. WPForms helps in creating simple landing pages hassle-free.

The Conventional Form template created by WPForms helps in making feedback forms that are generic in nature. These forms have interactive design layouts to give them a human touch.

There is also a brilliant logic feature that helps in creating dynamic content. Here the fields change based on the answers provided by the user. There is also a display of the progress bar and forms with multiple pages.

WPForms includes MonsterInsights analysis integration. This helps in tracking your leads, quote form requests, signup forms, and many more.

Easy Customization

The contact forms can be easily customized on WPForms by you. There are various tools available here, like HTML blocks, section dividers, and custom CSS.

Other Features

  • Before the submission of the form by your visitors, you can take a look at all the steps your site visitors have taken in detail.
  • The form data can be directly sent by you to other services and tools without the need of a 3rd party provider or any code.
  • Your visitors can be allowed by you to save the data of the form if offline. After they get access to the internet connection, the form can be submitted by them.
  • The form permissions can be managed by you. Examples of some of the permissions are password protection, forms to be filled by only registered members, forms to be filled by a single person only, and so on.
  • Submission of forms partially can be allowed by you. This helps in getting more leads.
  • You can create a custom captcha for the forms of your site. Your users’ location can also be displayed by you.
  • Files and different media content can be collected by you using forms. This can be done with the help of File Uploads.
  • Once users submit their forms, you could send a special ‘thank you’ message to these users or a message acknowledging the form submission.
  • Instant form notifications help in responding to user forms quickly, like those requesting quotes, and so on.
  • Anti-spam protection is also offered.

WPForms Pro -WPForms has a lighter version, i.e., WPForms Pro. All the WPForms basic features are in it. It also has the contact forms with multi-page, file uploading, forms for the subscription of the email list, integration of payments, and so on.

Formidable Forms

One of the very powerful WordPress form builders is Formidable Forms. This drag & drop builder of form can be used for surveys, contact forms, quizzes, calculator forms, registrations, email marketing, etc.

It’s more like a form builder that is extendable. Various forms that are complex in nature can be created easily by using it. Formidable Forms are totally mobile responsive. It looks good on all different devices like laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Formidable Forms are highly optimized to support speed and have server performance that is excellent.

Formidable Forms Pro

It is a free and light version of the form builder ‘Formidable Forms’. It has all the required features that are needed for building a form with multiple pages, payment integration, form for email subscription, quiz, file upload, and so on. Apart from that, it also includes form templates, repeated fields, form editing, etc.

Key Features

Advanced Form Building with Drag & Drop

Unlimited quizzes, polls, registration forms, surveys, price calculators, etc., can be created using the drag & drop builder. Building complex forms is made easy due to all the necessary fields being included in the form builder.

Survey Entry & Form Management

All the quiz and survey form entries can be viewed via the WP dashboard. Once the form is submitted by a user, it gets saved in the database of WordPress. This ensures that no data is lost.

Formidable Forms is a form builder that is totally GDPR friendly. You can turn off the IP tracking. The consent of your user can be collected by you by including a checkbox field for GDPR especially.

Email notifications & auto-replies can be configured by you. These can get activated once a form gets submitted. You also have the option of getting a message of success customized each time a form of contact gets submitted on the site.

Advanced Form Style

This has a styler that is built-in. This styler can customize the appearance of the contact form. Forms built by you could be transformed in such a way that they could look like your site design. For forms of WordPress, a basic styling template is part of the default feature. To have custom-style forms, you will need to purchase the Formidable premium version.

Creating Smart Surveys

Survey templates are in-built in Formidable. This makes it possible to create surveys quickly and also view its reports. The reports and graphs help in studying the data collected from the surveys. Survey quizzes are best for collecting data. With Formidable, you could study this data with the help of detailed graphs and reports. You could showcase the data on your website front.

Advanced WP Registration Form

Formidable is best for creating registration forms if there is an upcoming event. It has repeater fields that can be simply added by you to the form in order to create the required form.

Credit Cards & Payment Forms

The payment forms can be made using Formidable. These forms will let you accept payments via credit and debit cards. Formidable is integrated with Authorize.net, Stripe and PayPal. This helps you in creating a donation form, purchase form, and few other forms easily.

Web Applications are Data-driven

Your website front could have the display of any form submitted by your site’s user. Web applications that are data-driven could be created by you. Examples of such applications would be employment listings, real estate, calendars of business events, and many other databases.

Product Orders of WooCommerce

WooCommerce orders are only linked to the WP form builder. Sales can be increased by you by creating order forms for the WooCommerce products. It only requires you to add the product configurator of WooCommerce with calculation fields that can be customized.

Quiz Forms & Calculators

Web calculators and quizzes can be created by you using Formidable. A few of the commonly used calculators that are added to WordPress sites are:

  • Calculator for Car payment
  • BMI calculator
  • Calculator for Mortgage
  • Calculator for Age
  • Finance calculator

Surveys and polls could also be created by you. You could then display its results on the front of your WordPress website.

WordPress Registration Form for Users

A registration form becomes important if you want users or visitors to get registered on your WP membership website. A customized profile form could be created to help your users to maintain an updated profile. Slowly you could start adding those fields that you would want your users to be updated with. This way, you can collect your users’ data easily.

Form Fields that are Advanced, Extendable & Customizable

Few of the fields that are basic include cascading forms, multi-page forms, smart logic forms, save & continue form types. Advanced fields contain spam protection, partial submission, user tracking, calculated fields, and more. At the same time, payment fields have donation, order, booking form, and so on.

Freelancers will find Formidable very useful. Building forms that are complex can be done at a faster rate using Formidable. It is extremely extendable also. Any smart developer could alter it a bit to use it as per their needs. The data of the form can be displayed anywhere on your website. Formidable allows that. Many examples of code for filters could be used based on the requirements.

Other Features

  • Form Builder – Drag & Drop: Building a simple or complex form is possible with ease.
  • Display Data: Most form builders allow only to collect data. But Formidable lets you have the flexibility of not only collecting data but also storing and filtering this data. Also, this data could be viewed so that you could analyze and find solutions to it.
  • Multiple File Uploads: Files, media, documents upload are made easy. It is ideal for profile forms of users, resumes, and so on.
  • Repeater Fields: Are best for registration forms having repetitive fields.
  • Progress Bar: Your site user can be allowed by you to see his progress. This could be displayed in the form of a bar chart.  
  • Password Fields: A meter for password strength could be added by you to help guide your site users to create their passwords.
  • Lookup Fields: Values like country, state, and year fields could be auto-filled.
  • Confirmation Fields: Email passwords and addresses double-checked.
  • Smart Logic Forms: As per the entries entered by the users, the form will show or hide the fields.
  • Email notifications & auto-replies, visual style creator, calculator forms.
  • Flexible & easy entry management and WordPress front-end editing.
  • Forms filled in part could be saved and submitted by your site users. This way, they could submit the complete form the next time they come online.  
  • Graphs & charts to do visual analysis. Data collected from surveys, polls, quizzes, and other ways, is displayed. This helps to do further analysis.
  • Forms scheduling like opening & closing of signup or registration forms on a given date. For example, shutting the link for registration once the seats have been filled.  
  • Export, Import Forms & Styles: Forms, views, styles can be moved to another site by you. It could also be shifted to another service also.
  • Pre-built templates of forms and spam protection.
  • Fields of forms auto-filled and forms with a digital signature.
  • Schedule notifications using SMS, emails, etc.

Payment Forms & Marketing Integrations

  • Stripe Payment Forms
  • PayPal Payment Forms
  • Mailchimp Forms
  • Constant Contact Forms
  • Product Offers of WooCommerce
  • Aweber Forms
  • Getresponse Forms
  • Zapier Forms
  • Salesforce Forms
  • Highrise Forms


This WordPress plugin for form building is simple to use.  

You could use it to build:

  • Payment form
  • Contact form
  • Email form
  • Order form
  • Registration forms
  • Quizzes
  • Feedback Widgets
  • Payment options such as PayPal & Stripe
  • Real-time results Polls

Its visual drag & drop builder makes the creation and adding of forms onto your WordPress site easy. More information can be collected by you from your site users. This means higher rates of conversion because of the interactive content collected by you from your users.

Forms – You can customize forms based on your needs. The numbers of fields could be added based on how many you wish to have on the form.  

Quizzes – Challenges and fun quizzes for your site users to participate in. When these users share these quizzes on their social media handles, your site gets more traffic.

Polls – The best way of collecting data is by using polls. You could add many fields on the poll forms so that you could pull out most of the data from the site’s visitors. You are also offered dynamic options reference poll forms.

Calculators– Popular forms of calculations like BMI calculator, mortgage calculator, and others will help in data collection, get purchase orders, and generate leads.

Payments – Using Stripe and PayPal integrations, one can accept payments, donations, advance payments, and sell products also.

Stripe & PayPal Payments

Stripe & PayPal have Forminator as their verified partner. And, there is no need for one to upgrade to the next version – Forminator Pro. The payment module of Forminator has to be enabled for flexible and fixed payments.

Integration with Stripe helps in getting extra benefits. These benefits are: requesting custom pricing reviews, support questions escalations, etc.


A few of the commonly used combinations to add calculations to your site are:

  • A loan calculator is best for finance-related sites.
  • For sites selling official merchandise – t-shirt with size, price, colour options.
  • Registration forms that allow upgradation to premium services.
  • Instant service estimation or quotation calculator.
  • Calories intake or BMI calculator if you own a fitness website.

Key Features

Drag & Drop Form

Forminator’s drag & drop form blocks is a custom one. It helps in creating forms very easily. The blocks included in it are email address, name, phone number, text, websites, file uploads, date, time, number, HTML, and so on. Features that are GDPR friendly are also included, like calculations, payments, etc.

Many 3rd party platforms such as CRM, email services, storage & project managers have Forminator as their verified partner. Few examples of these 3rd party partners are:

  • Google sheets
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp

New Extensions Development

Forminator is a free and open-source plugin. Millions of users of WordPress can use it. The developer module can be used to build and design your custom app. On WordPress, this app could be sold by you, or you could give it for free.

Visitor Polls & Quizzes

One of the best ways of keeping visitors busy on your site is by using polls. Forminator helps you in getting real-time results data of these polls. The live data can be found in charts and graphs.

Few interesting quizzes could also be created for your website. Few social media sites have these quizzes that most visitors answer. Remember? Through quizzes, you could get more traffic to your website.

Lead Collection

You need to generate and collect leads for the success of your business. If quizzes are designed in a particular manner, you will be able to collect details of the participants. These details would be like their name, phone number, email address, gender, and so on.

Routing Email

When feedback is left by a user, you should reply to it quickly. The time taken to respond defines the effectiveness of your site. This is important for dealing with the queries of customers. A particular team should be allocated to answer these queries. This way, all forms related to queries would directly be sent to them. An auto-response method must also be there.

Submission of Front End Post

Forminator lets your visitors submit posts directly from your website’s front end. These posts could be published by you instantly.

Google Recaptcha & GDPR Ready

Google Recaptcha is available in Forminator. Due to this, spammers will find it very difficult to flood your website with useless forms.

Forminator is also compliant with GDPR & other policies of legal privacy.

Registration Forms, Custom Login, & Multi-File Upload

Customized registration forms and login can be created by you on your WordPress site. Many form fields, as well as customized behaviour and style settings, are offered.

Users can upload numerous/multiple files. They also can select the type of the file, the number of files, the size of the file that needs to be uploaded.

Advanced Date Field

Hotel bookings and prior appointments will find this ideal. The feature of date pick lets you show only those dates that your visitors can select from, or a particular date range, etc.

Ninja Forms

WordPress’ most easy form builder is Ninja Forms. You can use it to create user-friendly and beautiful contact forms.

You will not need any proficient web developer for using Ninja Forms. Also, no coding skills will be needed either. Ninja Forms lets you create simple and complex forms just like any professional. Its support team is dedicated that will help you whenever needed. This team is very professional and will answer all your issues and queries.

It includes drag & drop fields, easy column and row formats. Apart from that, it also provides conditional forms and multi-page forms that are smoothly integrated with the WordPress site you own.

Advanced features are also offered by it. These are: helping users in uploading files or converting a form to an upload form. Excel, PDF files and also Google sheets could be sent or exported.

The templates of Ninja Forms are pre-built for:

  • Application form
  • Registration form
  • Contact form
  • PayPal form, Stripe form, etc.

Using Ninja Forms, you can receive payments securely via credit cards and PayPal. These features can be used on your payment forms like subscription payments, variable or fixed payments, one-time payments. Your visitors should be given many payment options for choosing.

A subscription form that is completely customized and a form to generate leads can make a great difference to your business online. Always try building your mailing list. This helps you in getting many leads. Ninja Forms are completely integrated with MailChimp Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and others.

It complies with GDPR and also other policies related to legal privacy. You do not need to worry about being tracked because it doesn’t store nor collect your personal information or data that can get you tracked.

It is mobile-responsive by 100 percent. This means it can perfectly fit on your device. It automatically optimizes for desktop, laptop, tablet devices, and smartphones.

Overall Features

  • Form builder – drag & drop. It lets you create forms easily.
  • Software updates are done regularly. Its support team that is dedicated will always guide you.
  • There are more than twenty-seven field types.
  • Its response rate is 100 percent. It is mobile and SEO-friendly.
  • A huge range of form templates that are customizable is part of it.
  • Over 16 languages to translate from.
  • Unlimited forms and limitless form submissions are supported by it.
  • You can export the forms submitted to external services.
  • Import and export of forms.
  • It supports email notifications that are customized for forms.
  • Developer-friendly and spam protection.

Add-on Features of Ninja Forms

Based on your requirements, you can install any of the additional features: Layout & Styles, PDF form submissions, File uploads, User management, Webhooks, Excel export, User analytics. You can also check our article on 5 Reasons to Use Cloudflare.

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