Best Cheap Web Hosting Canada

Best Cheap Web Hosting Canada

We all enjoy getting quality products at a less rate. We find ourselves hours on ends comparing prices and services to get the best price and service in the market. A cheap web hosting needs to be affordable. But is that all? No, definitely not. We look for other qualities like; reliability, good customer support, good uptimes, and quick load times.

To find all this in one host is a time-consuming task; I know it as I speak through experience. Well, your research ends here; we have done the groundwork for you. For years we have tested and tried various web hosts for uptime, load time, support and more. This is what we do best.

Keep reading our research which will give you a detailed breakup of their features, prices, pros and cons, too, so you can pick the cheapest Canadian web host that matches your business requirements.

Cheap Web Hosting – Our Top Picks

There is no such thing as the one best host that will match everyone’s requirements. That’s why we have our top five hosts to give you options to choose from. Everyone has a different requirement for their business. In this article, our main focus is the cheapest host along with excellent performance.



Star Rating

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  • Canada Hosting

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Great speed

  • 99.99% uptime

  • WP optimized

  • Economical

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Managed hosting

  • Automatic WP install

Take a look at our top five platforms in terms of price:

1Hostinger389 ms$0.99
2SiteGround756 ms$3.99
3HostPapa475 ms$2.95
4HostGator657 ms$2.75
5Bluehost1.76 ms$3.95

Hostinger – Affordable Host


Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting services in Canada. We haven’t found a company that can match up to it in terms of pricing. Their monthly tariff starts at $0.99, and you can pay using cryptocurrency too. It sounds unreal, isn’t it? 

If you want to enjoy this amazing deal from Hostinger, you will have to make a commitment of a few years to their service. Making a long term commitment with them is a good idea given the service they provide.

Your visitors are not bothered by the price that you pay to receive a web solution. They are only concerned with the speed of the website. They also need to know that all the sensitive information is protected and kept secure.

Hostinger is a straight forward, secure and economical hosting provider. They have instant setup and one click virtual private server access. As soon as you make a payment and your account is registered, your server is set up in no time.

Key Features

  1.  They offer optimised WordPress hosting.
  2.  They support MySQL and PHP.
  3. You receive high speed SSD storage.
  4.  They also offer unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  5.  Their servers are located across the globe.
With much ease, you can manage the functionality, layout and content of your website.The SSL certificate needs to be manually setup.
The user gets a free backup and domain name.A single share plan doesn’t support a one-click installation.
It has multiple themes, adds–ons, widgets, and templates.Steep renewal price.
Fast server and reliable time. 
Free SSL certificate and Bitninja. 

Refund Policy

You will get a full refund of your money if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of the transaction date. it is also applicable for subscriptions that are purchased from the the finger website.

Customer Support

They offer customer support globally-across multiple locations. The team is available 24/7.

Downtime Alert

You will receive a notification in case there is a downtime. The status page can also be visited to check for the latest updates.


They provide their customers with a 99.99% uptime.

Data Centers

Unlike many ehosting companies they have multiple data centre locations;

  1. Singapore
  2. Indonesia
  3. Lithuania
  4. Netherlands
  5. Brazil
  6. UK
  7. USA

SiteGround – Cheapest Host


I agree we are discussing the cheapest hosts, and this is not as cheap as the host above. However, this one we chose from an e-commerce point of view. It offers a monthly fee of $3.95. Yes, not the cheapest, but it doesn’t have a limit on its hosting service and is still affordable. Remember, we focus on top-quality along with cheap prices.

We have noticed SiteGround growing in leaps and bounds. SiteGround provides its clients with multiple hosting options like WordPress, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. We have tested their services, so today I can give you the facts with an unbiased opinion.

Overall, the various top-notch features have kept it on our top list of cheap web hosting.

Key Features

  1. They offer all their customers a customized hosting service.
  2. They offer various site tools.
  3. They have good uptimes and performance.
  4. Very helpful customer support.
  5. Advance support and priority.
  6. They guarantee a full refund.
  7. They also offer a very strong uptime.
They offer a 30 days money back refund policy.The storage is limited.
They offer daily automatic backups.The resources are overused.
WordPress has officially endorsed it.Backups have extra charges.
WordPress hosting is available on all their plans. 
They have an innovative technology for speed. 
SSL and Cloudflare certificate is free. 

Refund Policy

The shared hosting service provides a 30 days full refund. On the other hand, the Cloud Hosting Service has a complete money back offer if you make a request for the same in the initial 14 days of the subscription.

Customer Support

  • They offer 24×7, 365 days support to all their customers.
  • You can connect with them via phone, ticketing and live chat.
  • The executives are very knowledgeable and ever ready to help with quick response time.
  • Their success rate with regards to solving an issue is 90%, above the average standard set by the industry.
  • The ticketing gets a response in 15 minutes, and mostly the concern is sorted out in a single email response.

Downtime Alert

Downtime alert is sent to all their customers to keep them informed.


They offer a good uptime of 99.9%.

Data Center

They have multiple data centers

  1. Sydney – Australia
  2. London – UK
  3. Frankfurt – DE
  4. Singapore
  5. Iowa – USA
  6. Eemshaven – Netherlands

HostPapa – Free Domain and Premium Hosting have 70% Off


HostPapa has made it to our list of cheapest Canadian web hosts as well as the best Canadian web host. Mind-blowing, Isn’t it? HostPapa is one of our top suggestions for our Canadian users.

This Canadian web hosting company provides WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. They always have discounts available and once you apply their discounts you would end up paying an average price of $2.95 per month and receive high-end service. You will receive help with integration for G Suite and Office 365. For all technical concerns they provide responsive and helpful support.

HostPapa boasts of their ability to get a website life in a couple of minutes. They are fully featured and extremely user-friendly; you can now create anything that can promote your business and matches your aesthetics. They have multiple tools that will help you create a website; they also sell products and solutions related to;

1. Web hosting- You can choose between shared, VPS, and reseller hosting plans.

2. Domain name.

Key Features

  1. They offer excellent speed and performance.
  2. You will get a complete refund on cancellation within 30 days of sign up for staff.
  3.  They offer reliable service and Technology.
  4.  They use the cPanel control panel.
  5.  You can transfer your website for free.
The moment you sign up for the shared hosting, basic plan, you get a free domain.The renewal rates are pretty costly.
The business email is very reliable and secure. 
The apps and tools are user–friendly and allow you to have full control. 
They offer a free trial of 30 days. 

Refund Policy

Within 30 days of the subscription, if you feel this is not meant for you, you can request a full refund.

Customer Support

The customer support team is available 365 days, 24×7. The customers can reach them through chat, phone and ticketing. Tickets are responded to swiftly.

Downtime Alert

The moment there is a downtime they will notify their customers.


They offer 99.9% uptime.

Data Center

On checkout you can choose a data centre of your preference. They have multiple data centres;

  1. Toronto – Canada
  2. New Zealand, Australia – Oceania
  3. India, Hongkong, Singapore – Asia
  4. UK, Spain, Germany, France – Europe
  5. Los Angeles – Chicago, USA

HostGator – Cheapest plan in terms of Quality


HostGator is a popular web hosting provider in the business. Currently, they have over 10 million domains. They provide outstanding performance and competitive price.

HostGator offers customer assistance 24×7, 365 days, single-click installs, and strong uptime of 99.99%, it is a very good choice. It is one of the best cheap hostings in the business. All their plans offer domain name and SSL certificate. If you would like to use Google Adwords and Bing Ads, they provide a $100credit for the same.

Key Features

  1. Pricing: They have the best prices in the market.
  2. Customer Support: Whenever you feel like you need assistance you can reach out to their customer support that is available 24×7.
  3. Performance: They offer top-level performance. You will find your site loading in minutes to the HostGator server.
  4. Reliability: You can rely on them with their strong uptimes and quick customer support.
If the uptime is below the guaranteed uptime, they give you one month’s credit.  The annual price is way lower than the monthly cost.
A strong refund policy of 45 days.Selected the service you need, don’t feel pressured into the services being pushed at you.
You can opt for any of their flexible billing cycle – yearly or monthly. 
The migration service they offer is free. Once you opt for their service, they will help you migrate your site for free. 

Refund Policy

You will get a full refund of your money if you cancel it within 45 days of your initial subscription.

Downtime Alert

You receive notifications in your account whenever there is downtime.


They guarantee a 99.9% uptime.


  1. Utah – USA
  2. Texas – USA

Blue Host – Very Reliable

Bluehost has been around since 1996, but with regards to web hosting, they have been in the business since 2003. They began with a team of techy and savvy developers. In the web hosting business, Bluehost is synonymous and many users across the globe chose Bluehost. They offer top-class hosting services.

Due to its straightforward features, various developers use it. The rates are very economical and you get a free domain for the first year of subscription. They have an extensive knowledge base and well explained tutorials are a unique way of assisting customers.

Key Features

  1. They provide SSL certificates that are free.
  2. They also provide PHP and MySQL databases.
  3. Control panel.
  4. Free technical assistance.
  5. They offer FTP and File Manager account.
No hidden charges.Premium technical assistance is not offered.
Straightforward control panels. 
Provides hosting assistance that’s more focused. 
FTP account and File Manager is available. 
You will receive a domain name for free when you sign up. This service is made available for the initial first year only. 

Refund Policy

They offer 30 days full money back assurance.

Customer Support

You can reach out to them through live chat, phone support and ticket support.

Downtime Alert

Unlike most hosts in the market, they do not alert their clients of downtime.


They guarantee 99.9% uptime to all their customers.


They have various data centres;

  1. Hongkong
  2. Mumbai – India
  3. Shanghai – China
  4. London – UK
  5. Utah – USA

iPage – Exceptional Service


iPage has received a lot of positive feedback from its users. It has had its fair share of criticism, but it is considered to be one of the best web hostings that are cheap. We have been through the reviews, and many of those complaints were related to their customer assistance as their customer assistance centres are all based out of America, so their global users are finding it difficult.

Key Features

  1. They offer their users a free domain.
  2. The users also get an unlimited desk.
  3. If you need to migrate your website, it will be a paid service.
They offer plenty of applications that are third-party.They have loads of fees that are extra.
They offer an excellent uptime. 

Refund Policy

If you require a full refund, you need to cancel the service within 30 days of the subscription.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is available 24×7 by raising a ticket, emailing them or over the phone.

Downtime Alert

Every time there is a downtime, you will be notified.


They assure uptime of 99.9%.

Data Centers

They have 24 data centres that have a Cloud platform. They are as below;

  1. Singapore
  2. Seoul
  3. Sydney
  4. Osaka
  5. Tokyo
  6. Taiwan
  7. HongKong
  8. Jakarta
  9. Mumbai
  10. Finland
  11. Frankfurt
  12. Zurich
  13. Netherlands
  14. Belgium
  15. Sao Paulo
  16. Montreal
  17. Virginia
  18. South Carolina
  19. Iowa
  20. Las Vegas
  21. Salt Lake City
  22. Las Angeles
  23. London
  24. Oregon

A2 Hosting – Economical Premium Service


A2 has a basic plan that offers exceptional extra features and customer support. Yes, the basic plan is a tad steeper than the rest on this list. However, the exceptional features make up for it. It is a web host that is high-powered with fine-tuned server platform. You can now host your website with A2 and expect 20 times faster loading time.

Whatever your requirement, be it Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting or Shared Hosting, A2 has it all. Enjoy uptime of 99.9% and super reliable service from A2. Let’s look as the features below;

Key Features

  1. Good storage limits.
  2. Email hosting.
  3. Bandwidth allowance.
  4. Database support.
  5. File Management.
  6. E-Commerce Integration.
  7. Supports Web Framework.
  8. Supports Content Management System (CMS).
  9. Integration of Control Panel.
Developer – Friendly: It supports a huge number of frameworks, languages and technologies.Not Beginner Friendly: Not very friendly for beginners as most of its competitors.
Excellent speed and uptime.The cost is a tad higher than its competitors.
They offer a trial period.Compared to their competitors, the rates for renewal are high.

Refund Policy

If you require a full refund, you need to cancel the service within 30 days of the subscription. If you are unable to do so, then you will get a refund for the services that are unused on a prorated basis.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is available 24*7 and assists you with any technical support. All you need to do is log in to the customer portal, and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Downtime Alert

You will receive a notification whenever the servers are down.


They offer all their customers an uptime of 99.9%.

Data Centers

  1. Arizona – USA
  2. Amsterdam – Europe
  3. Singapore – Asia
  4. Michigan – USA

Our Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to research for excellent deals. Why would anyone want to pay a higher cost for similar services that are available at half the price? You will not have to loot a bank to get a good and affordable cost. The web hosting market is very competitive and ever so evolving. Each host wants to offer the best to their customer. All of them are looking for a long-term commitment. You can also check our review on the Best Reseller Hosting Canada.

It is not possible to simply browse through the various options in the market and make up your mind. You will find yourself making extensive notes. But, the above article gives you a place to begin. You can with much ease compare the top cheapest host mentioned in this article and make an informed decision. That’s all for now. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts and experiences.

Buying Guide

Getting an extremely cheap host can be a very bad idea. Here’s why;

To be honest, if you select a super-cheap host only because it is a buck or two less, it’s going to be a major waste of your time and will not be worth it (except for Hostinger).

All of us enjoy a sweet deal, but any plan below $1 is a major risk. You will be paying less now, there’s no doubt about it, but in the long run, it’s going to be very expensive.

These cheap web hosts take all the websites of their customers and toss them into a single shared server, and everyone has a similar IP address. This needs to be avoided no matter what, and here’s why;


Shared IPs have been an easy target for hackers due to their weak security. These hackers enjoy getting in and messing around extensively.

Outspread of Disease

Entering the source code is very simple, and that exposes your website to malware, advertisements and viruses. Trust me; you don’t want to have anything to do with this.

Poor IP Neighbourhood

Considering the hosting service to be inexpensive, you cannot have high expectations from the people sharing this server. For all you know they could simply be a group of spam bloggers that have nothing positive to contribute to the internet. Their life goals could be to simply inconvenience everyone with junk. That’s a terrible life goal.

Google Will Dislike You

You honestly don’t want this to happen to you, for Google to dislike you. Sharing a server with the people mentioned above, you will be in very close proximity with hackers and junk bloggers. Due to this, Google will begin to consider you as one of them and look down at you with disdain. You will be punished for it by receiving a very low ranking on the search engine.

Horrible Downtime

This host, as you can presume, will not allow you with quality resources and equipment; they are not really bothered about your customer service or that you should even have a good customer experience.

As you have read above, good quality web hosts offer an uptime of 99.99%, and as you can guess, this is not going to be the case with them. Trust me, with hours of downtime; your business is going to take a major setback.

Bad Support

It is likely that you will receive no sort of support. They do offer their customers a section with general FAQs. If luck is not on your side, then you may simply end up sending an email with no response from them.


These cheap hosts will charge you a minimum of $80 as an annual fee for an SSL certificate. At the same time, the web hosts we have mentioned in our list offer an SSL for free. SSL is vital in order to tie up with a payment processor that’s credible. So, if you’re looking at customers buying from your site, it’s going to be a problem.

If you want Google to trust you, and trust me, you want that; then your site will need an SSL certificate. You can also install an SSL certificate for free; all you need to get is a service that’s called Let’s Encrypt, but it’s not that simple. These cheap web hosts will charge you for it, how about that!

The major thing that is upsetting about the cheap web hosts is that they don’t have free VPNs. When you go in for cheap digital products it puts you and your website at risk in many ways. Your data is not safe, and you can be sure it’s been sold; that’s how these hosts can afford to give these services at such low costs. So, I must say it isn’t so cheap after all!

Not Worth the Hassle

You are going to face your true challenge when you’ve decided that you have had enough of this crappy web hosting and decide to request a refund. But it’s too late; the refund period is over, and you have paid a yearly fee. There’s nothing you can do about it. At that time, the yearly fee and the services they offered seemed amazing. But, this is the long-term hassle we talk about.

Meanwhile, many are falling into the same trap. It is a good thing that you’re reading this guide. You can avoid taking the bait. Your dreams of a successful empire don’t have to topple. These types of offers are not worth it, especially if you’re looking at the long-run costing.

E-commerce Requires High-Quality Hosting

With the internet boom came a large market for online stores which is very promising. Through your website you can reach various customers beyond the geographic boundaries. This is the power that technology has to offer.

Various entrepreneurs find fantastic opportunities to grow their business and increase their income with an e-commerce store. However, if you wish to be in the online business, then there is a lot to learn and understand.

In order to have a successful online store there are various factors to it. You must get a host that is able to handle the traffic if there is an increase in it and scale accordingly.

You will also need a trustworthy and reliable gateway, securing the sensitive information of your customers, shopping cart, and regular backups. All these factors contribute to a good online store.

You need to get a host that will equip you with good tools and space, things that are a basic requirement. They are also vital to run your store. You need to get a web host that provides added benefits like; multiple ecommerce security, payment gateways, data support, shopping cart and an SSL certificate.

So if you’re looking for setting up an online store, look specifically for an ecommerce host. This can be particularly challenging and will require a lot of ground work and research.


We are here to answer some of the most popular questions asked

What is the price to host a website?

Hosting your website could range anywhere from being free to a couple of thousand dollars. We have noticed the majority of users paying monthly tariffs between $2 to $5. As discussed earlier, we don’t recommend super cheap web hosts.

What will be the cheapest process to host my website?

There are multiple options to host your web for free. But, as we discussed earlier, the cheapest and best way to go about it is getting a web host that charges a nominal fee. Some of them are mentioned in this article.

What is the best web host I can get for free?

In our previous article, we have mentioned, 100% free web hosts do not exist. The services they offer are very bad, and when you plan to upgrade in the future, they will charge you a bomb. Instead, Hostinger charges $0.99 as a monthly fee; it’s a better option.

But, if you want an accurate answer to this question, then you need to get an improved-quality VPS host. Many of our readers are not aware of how to adjust the settings on the VPS, so we recommend one of the shared hosts who will do the work for you. SiteGround is one of the best in the market that provides a load time of 475 ms.

What is the finest cPanel host?

I must say that most of the hosting companies we have recommended have cPanel hosting integrated. It is user-friendly, and they also offer good customer support.

What about Managed WordPress Hosting?

Today, Managed WordPress hosts are available at very affordable prices. They are way cheaper than you would expect them to be. Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting is an essential factor, especially for new website builders and owners.

I trust that the FAQs have answered all your queries and doubts. If you haven’t got your web host yet, it’s time. Go get it!