Best WordPress Hosting in Canada

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WordPress is a well-known CMS (Content Management System) on the globe. It powers an enormous percentage of blogs and websites.

If you plan to create your blog or business website on WordPress, you would definitely want to select an experienced web host that is reputable and experienced.

Your WordPress website depends on the quality of service your web host has to offer. The success of your WordPress websites depend on various factors, one of the most important factors being speed.

If the page takes time to load, you will find a lot of visitors leaving the site. This could mean the loss of a potential sale.

According to a study conducted by Google, if the loading speed exceeds more than three seconds, your page will experience a 32% bounce rate. That means 32% of people will leave your page.

So, it is vital that your web host has a good loading speed. Having a top-quality and reputable host for WordPress host is vital. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress hosting companies in Canada.

Our Top Picks

SITEGROUND1$6.9910,000 visits
HOSTINGER1$7.9910,000 visits
FLYWHEEL 1$135000 visits
KINSTA1$2525000 visits

Best WordPress Hosting Services in Canada



Star Rating

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  • 99.99% uptime

  • Managed hosting

  • Automatic WP install

  • 99.98% uptime

  • Excellent for WordPress

  • Free SSL Certificate

  • 99.99% uptime

  • WP optimized

  • Economical


Overall Best WordPress host


SiteGround plays a distinguished role in completing the list of best WordPress hosts. This company has been in the market for a while, improving the quality of service regularly. They have worked hard and earned a great reputation in the business.

With regards to the WordPress servers, SiteGround offers a sturdy platform and also provides managed WordPress hosting services at a competitive price (we haven’t found a managed web host with the same quality and price).

Let me point out that SiteGround is officially endorsed by WordPress.Org. To run a trial we began with the start-up package.

If you’re looking for an optimized package, we suggest the GoGeek or GrowBig plan. The tariff is more than the start-up.

However, they offer more perks like PCI compliance (free), SSL certificate (premium wildcard), staging and advanced caching (custom-made by SiteGround) – apt for e-commerce stores.

WordPress Installation

In just a couple of clicks, we could install and run WordPress. We experienced a seamless installing process.

While setting up, you are permitted to select a server location of your preference. They have various data centre locations located in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Customer Support

SiteGround provides unmatched customer support. They offer their customers various options to connect, like through phone, social media, tickets, and chat. The executives are very well versed with WordPress hosting and WordPress.

They are equipped to help you with a variety of web hosting related issues and can fix almost all issues.

In our case, we requested a temporary URL; the executive was very prompt and efficient. The executive went that extra mile to help us by providing screenshots and giving us detailed advice on our account.

Good customer assistance helps maintain loyal customers, and I must say we were extremely satisfied customers.

Uptime and Performance

Let’s take a quick look at the uptime. February 2021 to April 2021, the uptime we received was 100%. That’s excellent. It doesn’t get better than that!

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 3.65s
  • Mumbai, India: 2.08s
  • London, UK: 1.09s
  • Paris, France: 1.12s
  • West Coast, USA: 2.31s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.94s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • Rated 8.4/10 with regards to survey respondents.
  • When its time for renewal, 93% of customers will continue with their subscription.
  • In Spain, it’s the most popular host.
  • In the UK its #2.


Very cost-efficient WordPress Hosting Platform


We subscribed for the basic package to try out their hosting services. It is a very economical WordPress shared web hosting option.

We would like to quickly mention that Bluehost doesn’t have a monthly plan. You have to commit to a minimum of twelve months.

But we must also say they have an excellent money-back policy in place. We have requested a full refund and had no issues receiving it.

WordPress Installation

Bluehost has a single click installation process and has the cPanel option too. The installation process is managed by MojoMarketplace. The MojoMarketplace can do better.

We accidentally installed various instances, and the feedback we received on the entire process was confusing and inconsistent. When you compare Bluehost to some of the above competitors, in comparison to Bluehost, they offer WordPress installs in a couple of clicks.

The pros to this are we were able to connect with customer support immediately.

Customer Support

We were able to connect via chat, and the executive was very helpful. They assisted us in clearing up the initial installation issues we had with WordPress hosting service. They also helped us set up a URL (temporary) to help us view our WordPress website.

Uptime and Performance

Let’s take a quick look at the uptime. In the month of February 2021 and March 2021, they delivered an uptime of 100%. That’s amazing! Whereas in the month of April 2021, they dropped to 99.98%.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 0.3s
  • Mumbai, India: 0.33s
  • London, UK: 0.34s
  • Paris, France: 0.34s
  • West Coast, USA: 0.31s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.68s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • Rated it 8/10 based on the survey respondents.
  • Survey respondents that used it were 9.61%.
  • In the USA, it is a very popular host.
  • In the UK, it is a very popular host.
  • In Canada, it is a very popular host.
  • First-timers to Bluehost web hosting amount to 23%.
  • The first web hosting company to be endorsed by


Economical WordPress host in the business


With regards to the best WordPress host, Hostinger is the most economical option. Their beginner-level package has a major contribution to it.

At a monthly fee of $1.99, you can create a website and welcome over 10,000 visitors in a month. It offers an SSL certificate for free, and you get an email account as well.

Hostinger offers a few features that are WordPress-specific. Some of the features are a site-building wizard that helps to increase the speed and an installation that’s guided.

You don’t have a lot of work with regards to maintenance; WordPress hosting takes care of it. The plugin and core updates happen automatically and are overseen by Hostinger.

LiteSpeed Cache is pre-configured by Hostinger, which ensures the speed of your WordPress site is high.

You can access WP-CLI, and if you would like to check things out on your own, you can access the database that has various tutorials of WordPress.

WordPress Installation

Hostinger provides a single-click installation process, so I don’t think it needs much explaining here. It is interesting that they have multiple data centres in various locations across the globe. The locations are; Lithuania, Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, India, UK and USA.

For the first time, when you log into the user panel, you can navigate through the setup wizard. Hostinger has a list of multiple themes that are pre-approved. You can select from this collection to match your WordPress site requirement.

Customer Support

They offer 24*7 customer support assistance. You can with much ease connect with the customer support team and get help with WordPress hosting related queries.

There is a little wait time involved before you get a response.

Uptime and Performance

During our trial time, we recorded an uptime of 99.9% in February 2021; March had 100% uptime and April 2021 seen an uptime of 99.9%.

 Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 04.98s
  • Mumbai, India: 1.84s
  • London, UK: 1.19s
  • Paris, France: 1.13s
  • West Coast, USA: 2.39s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.81s


Great beginner-level managed host


If you want to get managed WordPress hosting but don’t have a budget for it, then Flywheel provides an excellent offer. They have good features and great performance. You won’t be missing out on anything.

They have monthly plan of $13, and it will allow you to host one website and handle 5,000 visitors on a monthly basis (20 GB bandwidth).

They also give you WordPress site migration (free) and disk space of 5 GB. The servers work on the Google Cloud Platform.

Flywheel focuses specifically on managed WordPress hosting features, giving you SSL Certificate (free), SFTP, staging (this feature helps you to test things before publishing it to everyone), multisite support, and daily backups. WordPress updates are taken care of through the Flywheel panel.

The user-friendly panel and platform are impressive. There is clarity, simple navigation, basic configuration and tweaks don’t need a server pro.

WordPress Installation

There are various ways to install WordPress. This literally doesn’t get easier. Using the Flywheel dashboard, you can create a WordPress site in just a few clicks.

You can also use the Local tool by Flywheel to create a site either on your Mac or PC. It can be exported to the Flywheel setup that’s live.

You can also migrate your current site from your former host without paying for it.

Customer Support

The customer assistance is good. You can reach out to them 24*7 via live chat. You can raise a ticket whenever required too. The customer support team is well versed with WordPress as Flywheel supports WordPress sites only.

They also have a rich knowledge base that has helpful articles on WordPress hosting.

Uptime and Performance

Let’s take a quick look at the uptime. From February 2021 to April 2021, the uptime we received was 100%. That’s amazing! A good uptime means higher traffic which in turn is good for business.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 0.13s
  • Mumbai, India: 0.13s
  • London, UK: 0.14s
  • Paris, France: 0.14s
  • West Coast, USA: 0.12s
  • East Coast, USA: 0.12s


Best performing managed host


Kinsta is a WordPress hosting provider that mainly focuses on the managed web hosting system. Kinsta is backed up by Google cloud. They use Google’s infrastructure, making it easier and more accessible to use.

Kinsta gives its clients a custom panel to use. This panel focuses on things that are important to you and hides the things you don’t need; they don’t use cPanel UI.

Since it is a managed host, Kinsta handles all the tasks with regard to server management. So that’s off your hands!

WordPress Installation

During the setup of your account, you can request an installation of WordPress on your web hosting account. This can be done by simply checking the box with this option.

Customer Support

Kinsta offers ticket and chats support. You can reach out to them 24*7 and the executives are well versed with WordPress, so you can seek to sort out any type of issues.

As you don’t have cPanel, so you don’t have the hassle of contacting them separately for other issues.

Uptime and Performance

The test with the uptime gave us the following results; for the month of February 2021, the uptime was 99.96%, in March, we saw 100% uptime, and in the month of April 2021, we had an uptime of 99.99%.

So we’ve had no complaints in this department. They are well above the average expected.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 04.41s
  • Mumbai, India: 4.85s
  • London, UK: 3.88s
  • Paris, France: 4.02s
  • West Coast, USA: 2.12s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.52s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • With regards to value for your money, we have rated it 4.3/5.
  • With regards to WordPress optimization, we have rated it 4.8/5.

WP Engine – Famous Managed Web hosting


We tested the Personal plan at the entry level. With this plan, you can have one WordPress installed. It is equipped to manage 25000 visits in a month. It is good for WordPress websites that are just beginning.

WordPress Installation

When you plan to sign up, the entire process is simple; the reason I mention it is that installing WordPress is a fundamental part of sign-up.

It means that you don’t have to stress about installing WordPress; the WP Engine team handles it.

Once the sign-up is done, you will receive an email with the data related to your site and also your account access credentials.

Customer Support

They offer some fantastic assistance options via chat and helpdesk. You can also reach them by phone, but that is available on the high-end plan.

WP Engine users have given a good review in terms of support received. Our survey respondents have rated it 4.5/5 in this segment.

We had some issues with the test site and reached out to the executives; they were very helpful and quick. Yes, we were satisfied with their support service.

Uptime and Performance

With regards to the uptime, it was good. We started with an uptime of 99.97% in February 2021, March 2021 and April 2021. It has a consistent uptime of 100%. All in all, the uptime has been satisfactory.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 2.56s
  • Mumbai, India: 3.47s
  • London, UK: 2.44s
  • Paris, France: 2.44s
  • West Coast, USA: 1.18s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.61s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • WordPress optimization with WP Engine was rated 4.7/5 by their users.
  • Users are satisfied with the service, and 92% of them agree to renew their subscription.
  • Users have ranked WP Engine 4.5/5 on reliability. They are one of the top ranked WordPress hosting companies.

DreamHost – Endorsed by WordPress


With DreamHost, for our trial, we chose the standard shared hosting plan. This is one of the most expensive plans compared to the basic plans available in the market.

However, it is still a much-demanded host in the market. The sign-up process by DreamHost was painless and slick. We were very eager to check out the SSD server and its performance.

WordPress Installation

DreamHost has a one-click installation process that worked amazingly, and from there, the interface navigation was straightforward. There is not much to add here; we didn’t have to stress about the installation.

Customer Support

We wanted a subdomain on the main domain, and it required a temporary URL. We needed some help with it. We could connect with support service easily through chat. They were prompt in helping us and sorted the concern quickly.

Uptime and Performance

During the test run, the uptime in the month of February 2021 was 99.95%, March 2021, we had an uptime of 100% (that’s excellent), and in April 2021, it dipped to 99.66%. We feel they did well when compared to the minimum requirement.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 3.2s
  • Mumbai, India: 3.42s
  • London, UK: 2.22s
  • Paris, France: 2.5s
  • West Coast, USA: 1.92s
  • East Coast, USA: 1.61s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • DreamHost users rated it 4.4/5 with regards to value for their money.
  • On the basis of being user-friendly, their users ranked them 4.2/5.

A2 Hosting – Performance is out-of-the-box


A2 Hosting is a newcomer in regards to the best WordPress hosting in the business. This company has recently been noticed for their service in this department. This is only due to their high level of performance and competitive prices.

They have over ten years of experience with web hosting, and they seem to have learnt the ropes, delivering top-quality performance.

WordPress hosting has the following principle; the environment is WordPress optimized, good performance, high security, and developer-friendly.

WordPress Installation

A2 offers pre-installed WordPress to all accounts that are hosted by WordPress. Installation of new instances can be done with the help of the single-click installer Softaculous.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting has exceptional customer support, and they pride themselves on it. The users have access to Guru Crew Assistance 24*7, 365 days. They claim to have one of the most knowledgeable teams that are hand-picked by them.

When you need to connect with customer support, you can call, email or chat with them. We had raised a ticket with a general WordPress enquiry, and I must say we were not disappointed. Some of our queries were not related to web hosting, and they were prompt with solutions. 

Uptime and Performance

We kept track of the uptime offered, and during the months of February 2021, March 2021 and April 2021, we received a consistent uptime of 99.99%. We are happy with the uptime.

Loading Times for various locations is as follows;

  • Sydney, Australia: 4.3s
  • Mumbai, India: 5.51s
  • London, UK: 3.23s
  • Paris, France: 4s
  • West Coast, USA: 2.52s
  • East Coast, USA: 2.62s

Online Reputation (Our Survey)

  • The users rated it an overall of 7.87/10.


You must wonder, who is the winner of the best WordPress hosting in Canada?

According to us, the following should be given medals;

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostinger

These are the best WordPress hosting you can purchase in 2021.

We would like to point out that all the WordPress providers mentioned in this article have not failed. The standards they have set are very high. A complete range of advanced web hosting options is offered by them.

This will come in handy when your business starts to grow and you need to upgrade from the entry level. You can also check our review on the Web Hosting Canada review.

This article is written with the aim to;

  • To help you differentiate between providers for high-profile and give you a framework.
  • Our reference points will give you an opportunity to compare various hosting services in the business. 

We trust this will help you make an informed decision, and we would love to hear from you as we invite you to share your experience in the comments below.