5 Reasons Why you would Need a Dedicated IP

While searching for the perfect web host that meets your requirements, you will have to consider various factors before you decide on one.

There are many features that you will come across. No matter how good these features may be, deciding on the right one is not going to be easy.

Dedicated IP hosting is one such feature that you will come across. It is not compulsory that your website should have a dedicated IP host.

But, it is always good to know about how dedicated IP could help your site and your business.

In this article, we will tell you what an IP address is so that you don’t get lost. We will also explain the difference between a dedicated IP and a shared IP.

And finally, we will talk about the benefits your website will have by opting for a dedicated IP or hosting. It does depend on your requirements, though.

So what is the definition of an IP Address?

IP is the short form for Internet Protocol.

The static IP address consists of unique numbers that make it easy to identify any computer that uses the internet connection. Using your IP, you can know which web hosting server you use to store your site files.

In fact, you can open your website using just the dedicated IP instead of typing the name of your domain.

These IP addresses are part of a large address book known as the Domain Name System or the DNS. Different IP addresses have different domain names.

By typing your domain name in the address bar, the domain will be looked up by your ISP and find the IP it is associated with.

This all happens very quickly. This makes things simpler. You don’t have to type numbers to trace the website but just the domain. Imagine how taxing it would have been having us type the IP every time for different websites.

Internet is ever-evolving. And hence other types of IP addresses had to be created. Today we have IPv4 and also IPv6. These are valid for both dedicated IPs and shared IPs.

Shared IP Address Definition

As compared to dedicated IPs, these ones are more common. Different domains are able to use a single shared IP address.

Today shared hosts mostly have a shared IP address since the majority of the sites do not require the other IP type.

This shared IP address can also be used by someone who is not using a shared web host. Here they may not be sharing their web host server resources with others, but their IP could be shared.

Normally when you use a shared web host server, you share the resources like networking features and server hardware with many other users. Hence your IP address will also be shared. But, this depends on situation to situation.

Dedicated IP Address Definition

Only you get to use a dedicated IP. You do not have to share dedicated IP with different domain names. The static IP address and domain name of your site are linked. You can open your web page by just typing your static IP address.

To make it simpler, think that your website is your home, and your home address is the static IP address.

Not all web hosting servers offer you the dedicated IP as part of their hosting package. At times you will have to request them to add it.

Dedicated IP Addresses vs Shared IP Addresses

After reading the above definitions of both kinds of IP addresses i.e. dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses, you will have a better idea about them now. Let’s check how these two differ from each other in detail.

Hosting companies mostly offer dedicated IPs and shared hosting options. When you opt for shared web hosting, you rent a place on a server that is shared by many users.

Because the resources, in this case, are used by many more than just you, the cost of using this hosting option is low.

While in the case of dedicated hosting, the server is rented only by you. You do not have to share it with any other user. Since the resources here will be used by you solely, the costs for using this server type will be more.

But, the plus point of this that you will have more storage space, better security bandwidth, and site performance.

The two IP addresses also work like these two web hosting options.

Your IP address when using a shared web hosting server will be the same IP address for all the other users connected on that server. Since all the resources of that server are shared by all, so will the IP address be shared.

But this is not the case with dedicated hosting servers. All the resources and the IP address of this server will be only yours.

SSL Certificates & Dedicated IP Addresses

Earlier, one had to have a dedicated IP in order to get a SSL certificate. But, today’s technology called Server Name Identification (SNI), you can have an SSL even if you do not have a dedicated IP.

It is only important for the server names to match with the SSL and not the IP address. But do note that this all does depend on your host’s requirements. Some stress the need for a particular IP address to obtain this certificate.

You will think about why an SSL certificate is important. Well, your websites can have better security by obtaining this certificate.

Also, if you have an eCommerce website, you have to have an SSL. In fact, any site that needs sensitive information from your users to be fed in should have this certificate.

You can rank higher on Google search engines if you have an upgraded secured HTTPS connection. This is possible if you have the SSL. Even the message ‘’site is not secure” can be avoided from being displayed to your visitors if you have obtained the certificate.

Dedicated IP Address Benefits

There are many reasons to explain why dedicated IP is more beneficial. Though it may not suit every type of site, it definitely can benefit your website if you find the benefits mentioned below as relevant for your website:

1. Effortless Website Access

There may be times when you would want to get connected remotely to your site. This is possible when you have a dedicated IP.

When your website is new and not yet launched, you would like to view it to know how it would look after launching. You will have to access the site using the IP address here.

You are able to get access to your server directly through a dedicated IP. There is no need to change your domain’s DNS settings for this.

2. Few Applications Need It

A dedicated IP is very much needed when your server setup is unique or when your website needs certain applications and scripts for it to run. Shared IPs suit most applications as they are very common.

But, do reconfirm the type of IP address needed if you intend to use server scripts or unique apps. Having a dedicated IP will be better.

3. The Capabilities of Your Email Could Benefit

When you have an email address based on your domain, you will send emails using your host mostly. If you own a shared IP address, then you could face some email issues.

There could be instances where other users using the shared IP address could ban or blacklist it. This could have an effect on the capabilities of your email. The email sending and delivery rates could get affected.

Hence opting for a dedicated IP in this scenario would be best. You will be the sole user when you use dedicated IP. Your website and email reputation will be protected.

However, for bulk emails, a 3rdparty email provider would be good. The deliverability rates will be much higher here. Also, there will be a team that will be working to avoid blacklisting from occurring.

4. Higher Server Control Level

A dedicated IP address lets you accomplish much more using your server. Being able to use the server solely for yourself, you will be freer and have more abilities to customize. Technical skills do play a role here, though.

5. You May Need it to Obtain a SSL Certificate

Today having a dedicated IP address is not a compulsion to obtain an SSL. However, it differs for different hosting providers. Some hosts will still need it. The hosting configuration matters here.

Certain server setups demand it. Others are fine using the SNI to get the SSL for shared hosts.

Lastly, your website performance and security could be better if using a dedicated IP.

The Need For A Dedicated IP Hosting

As you know by now that not all websites demand a dedicated IP address from you. Especially if this website is your first one, you do not need it. In fact, even the services of your dedicated IP host will not be needed till some time.

The main reason for you to have a dedicated IP would be only if the internet traffic on your website is very high. And also, if you need direct FTP access to your website regularly or are bothered about the deliverability of bulk emails.

Sometimes, there is a possibility that this could affect your SEO. However, there is no much data to prove it. The speed of your website could be enhanced by using a dedicated IP, especially if it has been slow while using shared resources from a shared hosting server.

But please note, it is not important to have a dedicated IP for this. Just switching your shared server to a dedicated one could do these wonders, too, without you having to have a dedicated IP address.

Remember, there is a difference between dedicated hosts and dedicated IPs. On your shared server, you could have a dedicated IP, just like how on your dedicated server you could have a shared IP address.

It seems that the main reason for you to upgrade to a dedicated IP address is your site’s requirement to have the SSL. However, not all hosts have this requirement.


After going through this article, we hope you have understood the meaning of a dedicated IP address, its benefits for your website, and how it is not the same IP address as a shared IP address. You can also check our article on How To Make Money Reselling Web Hosting?

It could be that you may not need to move from a shared IP to a dedicated IP. Especially in the initial stages, when your website is very new, you need not bother about this.

It will be worthwhile down the line when you feel you need more speed, enhanced security, and direct server access.

You could upgrade to this by paying extra to your current web host. They could add it to your ongoing hosting package.

But, if you want a high-performing website right from the initial stages, then upgrading to a dedicated server would be perfect, along with having a dedicated IP address.

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