How to Redirect a Domain without Hosting?

How to redirect a domain without hosting 1

Hey guys, welcome to a quick read-up on redirecting your domain names even if you don’t have a host. Suppose you own a domain and wish to redirect it to other domain. However, you may want to save up on the expenses on a host.

It’s also possible that you simply wish to park the domain until you find a suitable host for it.

That means you definitely want visitors that are visiting the main domain (old site) to be diverted to a different domain (new site). This can be done with much ease by simply utilizing the services from Cloudflare.

This article is written especially for people who wish to redirect their old domain or old website to new domain or new website but need assistance to do so.

A step-by-step direction is mentioned in this article that you can follow in order to redirect your domain to a separate website successfully. 

Creating a Cloudflare Account  

This is the first step where Cloudflare should be set up upon the domain that you wish to redirect.

Most domain registrars have a very simple process. You can connect with their support service in order to change your nameservers.

At this point, it is essential to note that DNS takes nearly 24 hours in order to propagate.

All you need to do is change the nameservers and wait it out for two days, and check again.

You have various companies that will help you with this process that includes GoDaddy, Temok, etc.

We know many people that prefer to use the services of GoDaddy. If you wish to work with them, then I must say that the entire process will become extremely simple.

Redirecting the Domain by Using Cloudflare 

Before we begin, you must always ensure that the domain name servers are changed successfully. Once it is successfully propagated, proceed with the setup of redirecting the domain.

For this, you must go to the specific Page Rules section that is on the Cloudflare hosting account. You will have to set a rule simply by selecting – Create Page Rule.

Then enter the IP address of all the names of your domain to which you want to redirect the domain visitors. Just select the forwarding URL, and you will see two options;

  • Setup permanent redirect 301 
  • Setup permanent redirect 302 

Here you will choose an option you prefer and enter the destination URL for the desired page. 

Select ‘Save & Deploy’, you’re good to go. Now you can try entering the destination domain address to the URL section and see whether the URL redirect functions or not.

At this point, if you feel it’s not working, you can always connect with the registrar. In this case, if you are already working with GoDaddy, explain to them your situation. They would be happy to assist you. 


The steps mentioned in this article should help you redirect your domain with absolutely no hassles.

We have done it ourselves many times in the past, and it is extremely straightforward. Feel free to leave us your suggestions and feedback. You can also check our article on What can you do with a VPS?

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