How to Show Hidden Files in cPanel?

How to show hidden files in cpanel 1

For those who aren’t aware, cPanel is a type of Graphical User Interface. Some of the works that cPanel is known for are publishing websites, managing domains, creating email accounts, etc. Overall, the management of your website takes place with great ease due to cPanel.

With cPanel, besides you managing your website, you no longer need web techies or administrators.

cPanel keeps track of all your activities, and this is kept away from you in the “Hidden folder”. When using cPanel, some files remain hidden or get missing in the File Manager and cannot be accessed.

Specific files like .htaccess file come under the category of hidden files. These remain unseen to the eyes of the user and can be located in the File Manager of cPanel. Those using cPanel over a long period may face problems concerning less disk space.

Often, people have to make changes in the content of the file for it to be visible. If you have issues finding your hidden files and do not know how to go about it, look no further. In this article, we will see step by step how to view the hidden files through cPanel File Manager.

Procedure for Locating Hidden Files through cPanel File Manager

Step One: The first step begins by logging into the cPanel.

Step Two: Click on the File tab. Now click on the “File Manager” option in it.

Step Three: After opening the cPanel File Manager, click on the settings option, available on the upper right corner.

Step Four: Now, click on the tab Preferences. Under this tab, you will see a list of options displayed. You will also see the “Show Hidden Files” option in the same list. Please select this option, and confirm your preference by clicking on the save button.

Now, all the files which weren’t visible to you will be made visible in the files section. It will also include .htaccess files.

While working with these hidden files, you need to be extra careful because you might require them to function PHP scripts like WordPress, DokuWiki, etc., properly. Therefore, ensure that you do not delete them. Also, if you are doing some editing work, see that you do it with utmost caution.

Also, there is a possibility that you may notice few .htaccess files are not available in the “File Manager”. cPanel takes care to see that no files are present outside .php files or standard.html and directories. This is to ensure its safety and stop the files from getting deleted.

If you want to access these files, you can go through the following steps and make them visible. It would, however, depend upon the type of cPanel theme used by you.

Methods to Access cPanel Hidden Files

There are two different methods to access the hidden files which are as follows :

If you’re using the cPanel Paper Lantern Theme, the method remains the same as mentioned above. Follow all the steps described above.

However, if you’re using the theme x3 of cPanel, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step One: Look for the link “Reset All Interface Settings” at the bottom of the control panel page.

Step Two: Click the link, choose “File Manager”. You will get a pop-up window that displays “File Manager Directory Selection”.

Step Three: This will list multiple things. You only have to tick “Show Hidden Files”. Later, click on the “Go” option.

Step Four: All the files which weren’t previously visible to you will now be visible when you open File Manager in cPanel.

Wrapping Up

I hope the above steps were able to help you get the hidden files in cPanel File Manager. It is pretty easy to understand and perform. Getting rid of these unwanted files will help you have more disk space. You can also check our article on 4 Fantastic WordPress Form Plugins.

However, be extra careful while carrying on with this activity, as specific important files may affect your website’s smooth functioning if deleted.

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