10 Reasons to Love WordPress

When you came across the word “WordPress,” your curiosity must definitely have been aroused. You must have wondered what it is and its uses. If you wish to get acquainted with “WordPress”, you couldn’t have come to a better place.

Mulling over this question, you must have made a few inquiries with your acquaintances. Maybe you also carried out a little research and got a bit of an idea on it. But here, you will get to know the plus and minus and its in-depth features.

So, we’ll be giving you a lowdown about the benefits of WordPress. You will get a clear picture as to its great popularity as a management system and website development. With WordPress, you can actually do whatever you wish to do.

The Difficulty of choosing a Website – Why opt to choose WordPress?

For the average person owning a business, several names associated with the website might sound alien. During the process of developing a website, you will come across these names. They are the platforms for building websites having their own benefits.

Niche businesses use specifically named websites. For example, Shopify is ideal for someone running a store online. It’s certainly not suitable as a blog for an eCommerce shop.

Magento is also such a platform with matching features. Other websites come with more flexibility and hence are naturally very popular.

Let’s check the best reasons to choose WordPress.

1. This Software is available to you free of cost and is open-Source

You can use WordPress free of cost using WordPress.org. You will learn here the difference between these two. WordPress.org is self-hosted and has the advantage of highly developed plugins.

WordPress.com is ideal for beginners but not exactly the best option for a money-making business. It does offer plans carrying high price tags, but personal and hobby blogs are recommended.

Coming to WordPress, anybody wishing to download the same can do so completely free of cost. It’s an open-source project available since 2003. Several contributors have collectively developed WordPress.

Open-source projects are typically free and therefore have large communities. The users more often than not participate in this community, acting as beta testers. Or the users may also be just brand advocates. However, your participation is not really a requirement. Hence you may choose to avoid it.

You may have to spend some money to procure hosting. The inexpensive versions of shared servers would cost starting around a few dollars a month. Other versions having features of great speed and performance would cost a few hundred dollars.

It is possible to find software free of cost, but they don’t have great features. The Premium software invariably comes with excellent features and provides quality support.

Finally, as a WordPress user, you may have to pay for any extra services. That would be for services rendered either by freelancers or by some agencies. For example, for a logo designing by a freelancer, you should pay for it. You also need to pay for any adjustment of a code on the site.

Some WordPress users keep graphic designers or maintenance people on the call. That would depend on your requirement and the size of your website.

But it is possible to keepthe costs of your WordPress to a bare minimum. In fact, a good number of webmasters manage to pay only for hosting.

Some  WordPress hosting units manage to smartly handle the entire operations on their own. This saves them a lot of money which they would have otherwise spent on services.

Updates of new versions are easily available on the dashboard, which can be immediately downloaded.

At one point, WordPress was mainly a platform for blog building. However, over the subsequent years, with so many new releases, the scenario has changed.

The very fact that WordPress has blogging roots puts it at an advantage. It is one of the fastest ways to publish blogs, and this feature is included from the beginning. Other websites first lay emphasis on design and apps, then think of including a blogging interface.

2. It Easily Adapts Enabling You To Make Various Types Of Websites

It is very easy to make different types of websites with WordPress. You can make a WordPress site for your local business, you can make one for a blog, you can make one for an eCommerce Sites.

Many photographers too choose to make their site on WordPress. You can easily make sites for literally any type of business, personal interest and social causes using WordPress.

3. Numerous Type Of Media is Supported By It

You can be confident that WordPress will support any file. You can easily upload common files. Further, you will not have problems with obscure-type files.

Although some file formats are not allowed, there are appropriate solutions to overcome this issue. To place a photograph, a video, etc., through WordPress is very easy. It’s also easy to conduct transactions on the website.

4. To learn it is easy, and the support consists of a huge WordPress community

Being an easily available and uncomplicated software, anyone can use WordPress. The user base is vast and not affected by either pricing or premium support. Neither is it affected by skill levels. Nevertheless, you need to learn some things about WordPress. But just a few minutes on the dashboard are enough to know how to use the interface.

With no restrictions on access to software, users have taken full advantage of WordPress. WordPress allows access to a steady flow of tips on WordPress in your inbox. Also, you can browse through Google for real quick fixes to your solutions.

Some WordPress training is available for free, and others for a charge. But you can be sure of one thing; the courses online are well-organized and affordable. They are loaded with information very much useful to you, your clients, or your employees.

Once conversant with WordPress via training course, you’ll be able to operate your own websites. Since WordPress doesn’t provide old-fashioned dedicated support, you’ll have to get the same online. The primary support system that is provided should be sufficient for meeting your development needs. Its forums and blogs ensure that your problems are resolved in good time.

Dedicated support can be availed from those developers who provide premium plugins.

5. You Can Develop and Expand the Website through Theme/Plugins

You already know how a website can be constructed through WordPress with ease. You also need to know how to scale up your website. For that, you’ll need to install an appropriate theme, adjust the design and then commence blogging. Ditto for developing a business website or a portfolio of websites.

The foundation of any site is served by its themes. Thereafter the designing work becomes minimal except for a few color changes and logo additions. Also, some new pages and, of course, blog posts need to be added.

You’ll find that ever so often, you need to add something new to the website. Probably some of your customers may seek your site’s membership section. Maybe you’ll find that adding a periodic quiz would attract customers to your brand. For both these conditions, a plugin would take care of the issue.

Some excellent plugins available can be utilized for free; you need to pay for others. The same thing applies to quiz plugins.

It’s very important that expanding websites go in for innovative themes because:

  • It needs to be fresh-looking.
  • A switch is required from simple to powerful themes
  • A website owner would want better theme developer support.
  • There’s a drastic in online business offers.
  • Site owners require various tools that plugins are unable to deliver.

Plugins and themes are similar as both offers free as well as premium versions. Naturally, free plugins are commonly used amongst business websites. Free WordPress themes can be opted for by personal blogs and beginner blogs. But pros are prepared to spend considerably for a better quality premium theme.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the best plugins available are free. Every requirement of yours can be met by some of the other plugins.

This is a big advantage as many plugins are free. And even the ones that are paid are priced very low when you compare it with the cost of a software developer.

If you so desire, you can locate new plugins on the dashboard of your WordPress. Or else you can conduct your search in the plugins library of WordPress.

This library contains an enormous number of plugins, most of them being free. Installation of a plugin takes only a few minutes, and their pages contain screenshots, demos, and feature lists.

The internet also sells a lot of premium plugins. The main difference between a free plugin and a premium one is the latter gives better support.

6. No Genius Needed to Manage

Website companies often sell expensive packages commanding upfront down payment and thereafter recurring maintenance charges. With proper training and specific and sincere practice, managing WordPress is not difficult at all. Website management involves the following things:

  • Make certain that there are no issues with the server.
  • Keep a periodic and strict security vigil.
  • Take regular backups.
  • Update the software.
  • Improving speed and ensuring efficiency of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As you are not personally checking the server, you should get an efficient host. This way, you can rest assured that your hosting plan is safe. The rest on the list can be done occasionally.

Probably you may want to install a caching plugin to help with the website speed. Ditto for SEO. Broken links are managed through some plugins, and spam management is carried out with the Akismet plugin.

Plugins can be used for managing everything else like backups, speed, etc. WPT Capsule plugin’s an ideal tool for incremental file as well as data backups. The running of the plugin is in the background. Hence in case of a file getting corrupt, the restore function solves the problem. The same is the case when there is a crashing of the site.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes First

SEO of the WordPress platform automatically develops title tags for all pages and posts. So also is the case for all meta descriptions. This permits search engines to learn your content for getting you indexed and promote rankings.

The WordPress plugins and online tools features of WordPress are advanced as compared to other platforms. In addition to in-built SEO functionalities, there are also many excellent plugins like All In One SEO, Rank Math, and Yoast, which help a lot and have free versions.

8. You Have Your Website Fully Under Control

A search by you on Google will reveal several platforms you can build your site on. WordPress would certainly feature on all such platform lists, along with other competitors. Most of these are perfectly alright for building websites, but some will limit your control. You may not have complete control over some features.

For example, with other platforms, you may be restricted in terms of the following:

  • The built-in feature of Ecommerce site functionality leaves no scope for plugins expansion.
  • You will be constrained to make do with whatever is provided by the hosting company. There’s no freedom for testing hosts and then going with the best value or high performers.
  • Code adjustment is limited to whatever the host company shares with you. You also get stuck with an altogether unique coding system. You’ll be constrained to hire specialists for effecting any changes that can’t be handled yourself.
  • You technically don’t have the site content’s ownership. You only rent the site from the hosting unit. Thus, any default in payment by you will either result in loss of files/pages or their custody by the company. Whereas in the case of WordPress, the ownership of the files lies with you. Nobody can stop you from moving these files elsewhere.

9. WordPress Blogging is the best in the business.

WordPress originated as a platform for blogging. Though it has competitors, it’s far ahead of them in features as a blogging engine. The competitors are alright for hobbyists, but for pros, the ideal one is WordPress. The WordPress blog contains an incredible pack of tools.

The formatting, as well as media tools, are ideal for running a simple, single-author blog. Contributors, as well as Editors, can build online magazines with the features available on WordPress.

10. WordPress is Popular with Everyone

Check out the percentage of WordPress website users on the internet, and you are certain to jump on the bandwagon.


As you can see, there are many excellent reasons why you should choose WordPress over other Content Management System (CMS) platforms. Hope you enjoyed reading our article. You can also check our article on Tips to Increase your eCommerce Conversion Rates.

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