How To Make Money Reselling Web Hosting?

With the help of the write-up, you can make quick money from reselling and also launch a web hosting company. This article is especially helpful for web developers. You can now offer hosting packages and make money more regularly.

New entrepreneurs can also try this method to earn extra money. A good amount of money can be easily earned online by selling domains and web hosting.

Web hosting forms the foundation of all websites.

Here are the advantages of reselling web hosting

• It increases web traffic

• Online owners get access to an important database

• You can position new ideas and products.

• Platform for new products, ideas and services

• A great platform to communicate a clear message

•Helps us make a strong footing on the internet

With the above advantages, you can easily form a lucrative business idea.

Follow the below steps to set up your own web hosting business in the simplest of ways without being or hiring a tech guru. Simply click, learn and enjoy the process.

What is Reseller hosting?

It means buying web host hard drive bandwidth and space and reselling it to customers. In simple words, it’s like buying apartments and letting out different rooms to several customers.

Why should you do reseller hosting?

1. Wide range of benefits to clients

2. You will become a platform where everything is available for clients in one go as a developer.

3. You offer everything to your clients from start to end

4. You can create your independent web hosting brand. These come without any brand names, so no one will know the vendor details.

5. You have the advantage of customizing web hosting these to your client’s needs and make them unique.

6. You will have complete control over managing, controlling the operations and logistics of the website operations.

You can earn for all these services. Once the reselling concept grows from renting new resources, which implies you started small but have grown big as the demand increases. The best outcome being you are using your very own web hosts.

Everything technically, like server and software management, is offered. You hardly do anything and simply earn more money. You don’t have to be an expert in this arena. This way, you can convert short time customers into lasting ones. You can thereby earn a steady income for a long time. 

Inclusions of reseller hosting package

These packages can be different, but most provide the below:

● Bandwidth, Domain hosting, disc space

● cPanel

● Branding without labels

● cPanel

● Customized website hosting solutions

●Extra web hosting attributes, e.g. security tools, Cpanel etc

● On-call/email tech support

What can you get from web hosting?

If you are worried that you are not an expert in reseller web hosting, then web hosts recognize these technical or other difficulties and are willing to offer help through reseller packages.

A good hosting provider will ensure there is a strong back-end support system which includes constructing, managing the hardware and infrastructure and handling security checks, upgradation of software regularly.

It’s best to get full-fledged technical support to manage issues, which will help boost uptime levels to 99.96 %, supported by the legalities made under the service engagement.

Steps before you start reseller hosting

1. Design a good web hosting package

Always put customers’ needs forward. Understand their requirements and design a package that best fits this need instead of something that focuses on your offering and best features. It will be an advantage to know the types of web hosting packages which suit clients. If you work in the business of developing websites.

It’s best to explore the target area of clients that you want to focus on before you start.

It’s best to keep in mind factors like disc space, bandwidth and the type of software that your clients use to construct a website, manage emails and their safety protocol requirements. (for ex backups, virus detection, intrusion, SSL)

After having understood the reseller web hosting concept, let’s understand how to earn extra money from this:

2. Research

Always find your niche and focus on this. You could choose from several objectives like becoming the best reseller hosting provider in your area, focusing on a niche like lawyers or plumbers or offering services additionally for your existing services in a digital setup. It’s best to have a clear direction of what you would like to achieve and do.

Another important step is to identify your competitors and understand their service offerings thoroughly. Work on finding five competitors who do the same as you do in your niche. Check for the below criteria in their offerings on their sites.

1. Look for the main offering

Check what is the main offering of the hosting platform. Do they cater to big companies, niche websites or WordPress hosting websites? Most hosting services will have a certain speciality.

2. The cost

What is the cost of the hosting plan, their services, etc. Consider if your price is competitive, or would you consider getting on to a better or higher pricing league.

3. Marketing strategies

Observe all of their brand communications like blogs, paid ads, social media presence on various accounts etc. it’s best to use Ahrefs or SEMRush to understand the role of the organic approach or their bids for keywords. Run this research for a few competitors, and you should get a clear-cut idea of the niche you have chosen and how you should compete.

4. Understanding which is your best and important offerings

Good research will help understand what kind of hosting, extra features you can offer to your clients. Under reseller web hosting, you could play with different hosting types. You can offer your offerings along with parent companies together to make an exciting package.

For instance, you can list shared hosting, server plans, VPS hosting, or you can opt for word press or specific niche hosting.

You can also consider offering Add-ons like email features, domain management basis of your parent companies hosting offerings. You can, after all, become a single stop for your client’s needs in your specific and clearly defines niche.

3. Structuring your business

There are three main features to keep in mind before you start the web hosting business of reseller hosting.

1. Your best offerings should match the reseller hosting company

After having understood the type of hosting service to offer, the products to sell, you should now focus on understanding which parent company could match all of your offerings. It’s important to know if you will only offer shared or also include dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud etc.? Take a moment to think of the various packages of the hosting types you intend to sell. Check if you need a reseller who could provide back-end support, or should you consider offering domain management?

If you have the answers to the above questions, then you are ready to find yourself a reseller.

2. Designing the package that fits the perfect reseller

After you have zeroed down on the host, there cant is a better time than now to look for a reseller hosting. This depends on the type of host you work with. Basis the parent host, one can integrate additional features, various payment gateways, a support system like live call or chat, etc.

3. Best Customer Support

Offering the right support can either do your business or totally destroy it. Giving the best customer support system can really help your business achieve prominence because only a satisfied customer can be your best marketing tool.

Your website should be equipped to simplify your client’s navigation through your offerings and website. If there is any question, a client should find it simple and easy to reach your support systems without any hassles. This will also simplify your inquiry process and enable business generation.

Marketing Strategies

The thumb rule is to focus on your niche. Focus on a small audience who are easy to reach and manage.

First, understand the medium to reach the target audience. Would write a blog do or organic search help better? Consider budget for SEO and digital platform spends. Ask yourself if you wish to run a joint program with non-competing sites to draw your niche.

Find out what works for your business and campaign. If you have tight budgets, then it’s best to consider the organic approach of advertising.

If you have found your best-suited niche, backed by good research, figured various special offerings, and found a reliable reseller hosting, have built your site and strategized a sound marketing plan, then you are ready to launch the reseller hosting business. It not difficult to make break-even if you acquire the first few clients.

This mainly depends on your price being paid to a reseller and at what price you sell the various web hosting plans and initial investment in setting the business up. After having made the necessary break even, you can reinvest the profits to get more clients, and that’s when the real profits start to come in.

The main advantage of this type of business is the long client association which comes from offering the perfect service as a one-stop shop for your clients, catering to all their needs making them stay longer with you. This will help pay the customer acquisition cost as each new client brings in a lot of business.

The Takeaway                                                   

From the article, you would by now have the perfect knowledge of how to start a business on reseller hosting, establish a niche, focus on your customer’s satisfaction by fulfilling their needs and this way, it becomes easy for you to earn a lot of money. You can also check our article on What Is Managed WordPress Hosting: Advantages And Disadvantages.

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