What is a Registrar? (What are they? How do Domain Names Work? etc.)

What is a registrar (What are they How do domain names work etc) 1

There is a domain name for every site you visit on the internet. This means that the website owner has gone through the entire process of purchasing and then registering the domain name.

This is the initial and essential step when beginning your site. Along with this getting a good web host and creating your own website follows. 

This is one of those steps that require you to work with domain registrars. 

Let’s understand what a domain registrar is; 

Domain Registrars are also known as DNS registrars, which is a short form of a Domain Name Server.

Domain names are sold by them, and they also handle the entire process for registering these names.

Now a domain name is a primary address that a website utilizes on the web. It usually begins with www and ends with (often) .com.

Technically speaking, websites are identified by computers with a unique addresses that are known as the IP addresses.

It is an extensive list of numbers that are separated with periods, for instance, 0101.1111.1010.1111. We humans find it extremely difficult to remember this sort of address that involves various digits.

So in order to make it simple for us, websites have an address that is a combination of letters and numbers.

These are no random letters or numbers, but usually, they would be spelt after a brand or a business name.

There is a certain type of process involved in order to claim a domain name. The high-level domains are generally managed by registries.

These registries are centralized. They hold large databases. These databases have information on the various domain names that are claimed along with the person or business that has claimed them.

These registries do not directly sell these names; instead, they give this job to a DNS registrar.

The register has to be recognized by ICANN, which is short for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

So now, every time a domain name is sold to a user, it has to be registered with an appropriate domain name registry.

The record is updated with the user’s information, and the process is then completed.

What does a Registrar do? 

The registrar of the domain name manages the entire process of getting the domain registry updated. This is done as soon as a user buys a brand-new domain name.

So now, a part of it is to maintain track of the domain names that are available. They also offer their users a source tool that is extremely intuitive. This tool helps the customer to look for options that are available.

They also handle all the financial dealings with the user. They offer the tools that are required to maintain the subscription of the domain name over a period of time.

The domain name cannot be purchased outright, and it can be rented for a minimum of ten years.

DNS registrars generally provide this option by offering it as a yearly renewal or even multiple-year subscriptions.

Many times, they also offer a discount to users that register their domain names for an extended time at a stretch.

Many domain name registrars offer user accounts to their users where they may track the status of their domain registration. They can also take advantage of features such as automatic renewal. 

Features of a Domain Name Registrar

So far, we have discussed various details of a domain name registrar, how they work. I’m sure by now you’re all set to get yourself a good registrar to begin.

You would come across various options. Some of the hosting providers only offer services for domain registration, while the others offer domain registration and hosting services too.

In this way, various basic site requirements are taken care of with one service provider.

For the multiple options that are available at times, it could get extremely overwhelming.

So before you begin, you must have clarity and ask what a domain name registrar should offer. Let’s take a look at it;


In certain cases, the registration cost depends on the name that you have selected for your domain. Various high-level domains are available at various prices.

However, you will also notice the different price ranges with various companies. A few things that you must bear in mind are;

  • The prices that they advertise are generally an annual price; however, always make sure of the same.
  • Domain names are not one-time buy; you will need to incur certain charges for them as long as the websites are active.
  • Always make sure to compare the prices and plans offered by every hosting company before committing for a year.
  • Companies advertise introductory prices that are applicable for one year, and upon renewal, the prices will increase. So, before committing to a cheap introductory price, always make sure that you can pay for it upon renewal.


The management for a domain name system does not involve a lot of contact with the provider; however, you may want to select a registrar that is reliable and easy-going.

Always research the registrar and read various user feedback. It will give you a good idea of the service they offer.

Are they legit domain name registrars? Are they well known for good customer service? Are the users happy with the registration as well as renewal charges?

Running your site as well as maintaining it is important. The domain name plays a vital role, so ensure that you pick the correct registar from the beginning.


Most registrars offer services not just limited to domain name registration but much more.

As we discussed earlier, you would easily find various web hosts offering these services as well.

Getting your web host to handle domain name registration for you would be convenient.

It will save you the hassle of handling two providers. All will be taken care of under a single umbrella. You can also check our article on What is an Addon Domain and Subdomain?

As far as we are concerned, we use HostGator. It is an excellent web host and offers the domain name registration service too.

They also offer intuitive name search options along with a straightforward process of registration.

We purchased a domain for three years upfront and received an excellent pricing plan for the same. You can always check them out and then decide.

If you enjoyed reading this article, do give us your comments and feedback; thanks.

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